About the project.

The Creator of this ‘app’ was inspired to create it at hot winter day of the year 2020. But as for idea of this ‘app’ Creator can say, that it was born several years before the date of creation. But that happy-time, creator had no enough time to realize his idea into life. He, Creator, was getting more and more knowledge, in order to CRAFT the ‘app’ and SHARE it with the outer World.

This project was designed specially for wide range of specialists who want to update/upgrade their skills in Testing. Using Manual testing technics and approaches; Automation testing – you can write code using Selenium. But the most for whom it will be interesting is for Performance engineers.

Performance engineers can:
Create scenarios using different tools:


HP LoadRunnerv (https://www.microfocus.com/en-us/products/loadrunner-professional/overview);

 NeoLoad (https://www.neotys.com/neoload/overview);

 Gatling (https://gatling.io/).

Generate some load

Be wise, generate load with common sense.

Gather results using load-generating instruments:

Using different listeners.

Gather results on Hardware that is under load:

Using instruments Telegraf and PerfMon agent. These instruments are installed on the server side and are sending parameters using specific protocols.

Create reports and make some conclusions.